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PD Dr. med. habil. Matthias Krause
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Patient inquiries only via Email / Fax, please!

Transfer of medical records and imaging:

If you want to attach medical findings and MRI/CT scans, scans of letters in PDF-format ect., a dropbox is at service. Email-Address of Dropbox is Alternatively we can recommand any other free filetransfer-services like

For digital transfer of radiological data (MRI, CT ect.), DICOM-formats are preferred, but JPG, TIFF and GIF-formats are possible, too. To keep it simply, send Disc-Image files of your image data. For all other data (scans) we recommend PDF- oder JPG-files.

Please, mind that we cannot guarantee data security by digital transfer of personal data or images via internet. The members and the webplatform are not viable for any violations of privacy by third parties due to abuse of personal data. We strongly recommend to delete all personal informations (like names and date of birth) from reports and images or to send sensitive data via mail only.